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Five Star Fire is a superior service provider for Property Managers, Industrial Plant Managers, Government, Commercial, Maintenance providers and others that need to comply with the annual testing of Backflow devices required under State Law. We are the backflow company for your needs!

We use County approved procedures to provide honest tests to insure that your device meets the required standards. You are welcome to witness any test!

We work on all approved devices and can replace any obsolete device with one that is on the most current approved list.

Backflow devices are designed to maintain water quality by keeping pollutants and contaminates from entering the drinking water supply. Water Districts are required by the EPA and the State of California to implement a Cross Connection Control Program. We help reduce your liability by making sure your device is working properly.

Some examples of pollutants and contaminates are irrigation water, pesticides, cleaning agents, water conditioners for boilers, X-ray developer, fire supply lines, soda machines, etc.

Backflow Valves


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